Identifying Genre and Subgenre Worksheet

If you are interested in creating worksheets for your class, you need to be aware of the distinctions between various genres and subgenres. Most teachers to create worksheets that fall under the general category of “fictional works”. However, many of these worksheets do not accurately portray the content of these genres.

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Some teachers mistakenly classify literature into “action” genres such as adventure, science fiction, horror, western, and others. This is a mistake because most literature falls under one or more of these genres. For example, fantasy novels should actually be classified as horror, science fiction and/or horror novels. When students search the worksheets for the assignment, they should look to see if the teacher has classified the work under one of the genres listed above. If so, the student should research the subgenre the teacher uses.

It is important to avoid labeling too early. Students should be allowed time to read the books they wish to perform worksheets under. Most writers choose to begin their careers with children’s books focused on a specific theme, such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and others. In order to help students understand genres, teachers should not assign worksheets that solely focus on identifying genre.

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For students to understand the difference between literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and others, they should be introduced to lists of categories. For instance, students should know that only works written in only one genre will be placed under “literary fiction”. A book could be categorized as a “novel”, but it will not be listed under “novels” or “novelistic”. A worksheet that lists literary fiction and Harry Potter would be a very confusing worksheet.

Once students have been properly introduced to the idea of various genres, they can begin worksheets based on those genres. Using lists of sub-genres helps students gain a better understanding of sub-genres. Worksheets focusing on film, television, action, children’s books, and others should be avoided until a student has read several texts from each genre.

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By assigning worksheets based on worksheets, which are based on genres, students can learn about the structure of a novel. If a writer knows that a story can be told in three parts, he or she can use the worksheets to identify the parts and how each part relates to the other two parts. This helps students develop an understanding of the story’s plot. By learning the plot, students can read more freely and be able to focus on the characters within the novel.

In determining what a story is about, students should also be given the genre that the text fits. For instance, if a story is about ghost stories, then it is best identified under “ghost stories.” A novel that tells the story of a boy who loves pirates can be identified under “pirates” and so forth. Identifying the genre helps students learn what interests them. Once they have developed a taste for a certain genre, they can begin reading more freely, enjoying it, and making it a part of their future writing.

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Of course, students cannot rely solely on identifying genres. They need to know what the different types are as well. For example, horror stories can be read under “horror,” while science fiction stories can be read under” SF (Science fiction).” Identifying these categories not only helps students understand more about their texts, but it helps them appreciate them more as well. They will be able to enjoy the genre more once they have a good grasp on these classifications!

As with any class assignment, students need to do their homework. However, unlike assignments in most other subjects, essays in English literature need to be composed not only to learn how to write, but to think. It is up to students to put their critical thinking skills to the test, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the worksheets, poems, novels, and other genres. After completing the assigned worksheets, students need to read and critically analyze the passages. Doing so will help students articulate their individualized preferences to the world around them, creating a stronger foundation in their studies.

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Students also need to remember that while identifying genres is helpful, it is not the be-all-and-end-all of their English literature assignments. Students should also pay attention to the language they use. Readers of diverse language will appreciate having works written in different languages. This means using language that does not denote a racial or class status and that is open to interpretation.

To identify a genre, students need to approach literature from a variety of perspectives. They should look at the text through the writer’s perspective, asking questions about the genre as a whole, not by looking at isolated parts of the text. In doing so, students will gain insight into the text, allowing them to determine if the genre is dynamic, offering variation and possibility, or stagnant and old. Finally, students should avoid works that have become stale for them, because although these texts may still contain elements of the desired genre, their readers will likely have noticed by now.

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