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Westward: Return of the King is the third episode in the life of the lead character, Bobby Price. Just as in the first two episodes, Price has problems with his mind and emotions. This is partly because of the emotional trauma brought by the death of his wife. The third, and final, part of the plot revolves around Price’s mental stability and how he deals with the death of his unborn son. In this review of Westward, I will provide you with a detailed analysis of episode 3 Westward worksheet answers.

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Before we move on to the analysis of Westward worksheet answers, I want to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what the meaning of each word is. For instance, the word “price” refers to the act of purchasing something. The word “west” refers to the west. “Price” also has a double meaning. It can mean “rate of wages” and “the price of wages.” If the reader struggles to understand the meaning of this word, just remember that it means “worth of something.”

The second part of our analysis of Westward is the use of the word “price” in the context of the show and of life in general. In most episodes, Price is seen buying goods at great expense. His ability to purchase luxuries and the things that only a king would have the power to buy are frequently challenged throughout the show. Because we see so clearly the privileges that Price enjoys, we can also see where he might falter in his pursuit of gain.

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Price’s constant struggle within himself is one of the central themes of the series. This struggle is depicted many times in the episodes. The third character to the right of Caddy, played by Danny Strong, is the “Cumberland Gap” man. The character is shown to be on the wrong side of the social lines drawn in modern society. He is rich, and he is classed as a lower class. This separates him from Price, who is the epitome of the working-class man.

The “Cumberland Gap” men are almost perpetually drunk. Strong plays the part of the hard drinker brilliantly, while Strong’s co-worker, played by John Lithgow, Price’s right-hand man, is often seen as an honest to goodness good guy. So why does the character behave this way? What does this role-reversal have to do with the meaning of the word “work”? The answer to this question will be revealed in the next few minutes…

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The Westward worksheet is a piece of paper that Price uses to rate the people around him. When his friends are rating him, they do this using a scale of one to five, indicating how well they perform socially. The scale is divided up into a couple of different groups, ones that Price cannot see into, and ones that Price can peer into. The former group consists of people who Price knows well but is not very social with. The latter group consists of people whom Price knows very little about, but is in frequent contact with. This is where the show begins to show its main theme…

The purpose of the worksheet is to help Price understand why he is sometimes successful, but never really satisfied with life. Price is also shown how he feels when he is not happy, and this is reflected in the evaluations that each character makes. The audience is often shown on the worksheet as a presentation folder, so that Price can study it and become more aware of the people around him. This process is not always clear, so in the later episodes of the show tends to back track to the earlier concepts. However, as we progress through the series, Price realizes that the worksheet is no mere gimmick but is actually very meaningful and important to the people around him.

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The work also teaches us that sometimes we need to look outside ourselves to understand why we are doing what we do. Westward III is no different to previous programs in that it looks at life through the eyes of an outsider. It is this perspective that helps Price come to terms with his circumstances and allows him to enjoy his work and relationships, rather than feeling guilty about them.

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