1st Grade Phonics Worksheets

First grade phonics programs are available online at no cost. You will get a large selection of phonics activities to engage your first graders in sound recognition and application of the sounds they hear. This is a great way to expose them to the sounds of their first language at an early age. With phonics activities for children in the classroom, your students learn to identify the sounds that they recognize and the corresponding meanings as well.

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First grade spelling is one of the most important aspects of learning a second language like English. It is also one of the most difficult aspects. The visual form of written language comes coupled with the spoken word, and it can be confusing for a child to make the right connections between the two. Phonics worksheets to help your students connect the written letters with the spoken sounds they recognize. This makes it easier for them to learn to spell.

A large part of your teaching job is teaching your students how to spell. This part of the job includes memorizing the alphabet, building reading skills, and introducing new words to your students. One way you can integrate these steps is by using phonics reviews for 1st grade phonics exercises. These review activities should work along with introducing new words, combining the sounds with appropriate words, and reviewing long vowels and blends. When you do this consistently, your students will have an easier time with recognizing written words and will have stronger pronunciation skills.

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One activity that you can use with your 1st graders in your classroom is a phonics game that forces you to spell words with the sound of the vowel sounds they represent. In other words, instead of just saying the word out, you must say it with the associated sound. For example, the word “dog” would be pronounced with the sound of O. You want your students to understand that this makes a different vowel sound than the one he or she currently recognize. With phonics, they will need to align their eyes with the letter in the word, as well as move their mouths in the same direction as the letter is written.

To get started with the 1st graders, the easiest thing you can use for phonics exercises is a combination of a board and a chalkboard. Have the chalkboard placed in a location in your classroom where all of your students can see it. Then take several printouts of the first grade phonics sheets and place them on the board. For each sheet that you print out, ask your students to read the printout aloud so that you can hear what they are pronouncing.

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Using a mirror will allow you to determine which student has the hardest time reading the printout and is thus the one most likely to need additional help reviewing the material. After reviewing the first graders, move on to the middle grades and work on phonetic pronunciation through both sight words and sound words. Once again, start with a printout from the phonetic alphabet, but this time, place the printout next to a picture of the item being reviewed so that your students can see the image as well as the proper pronunciation. This way, they can identify the sound of each letter as well as review the consonant and vowel sounds associated with each letter.

The idea behind the “phonetic blend” is that there are two different sounds that make up the letters of the alphabet. The sound of an individual letter can be made by using either or both of the letters it’s placed next to. For example, you can make the sound of “b” by combining the letters “b”, “r”, “s”, “t”, “k”, and “a”. You can also make the sound of “c” by combining the letters “c”, “z”, “m”, “n”, “r”, “o”, “u”, and “y”. As you add more combinations to the c sound, you’ll find that you’re quickly moving into phonic reading. You want to make sure that your students understand the rules of the 1st Grade Phonics Worksheets before moving on to more complex concepts.

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When you’re working on the Phonics Worksheet for the 1st Grade, don’t forget to use the print function! As soon as you have introduced the print function, students will be able to see the image of a print out as well as the correct pronunciation of the letters. There are many phrases and words included in the 1st Grade Phonics Worksheet that will require phonetic readings of the letters. The beginning digraph is a great way for your students to get started with the process and it’s a good way for them to build words that are spelled the same but differ in the spelling of the letters. It’s a fun and effective way for students to learn the basics of beginning digraphs.

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