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Sales people can do with more sales letters, more sales leads and more money in their pockets. With the right sales strategy, they can achieve all of this. But that’s not enough. To be able to pull it off successfully, salespeople need a Multiple Transformations Worksheet to keep track of every customer interaction and turn it into cold hard cash.

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The Sales Power Squeeze worksheet was developed by Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Xerox. This is one of the most effective sales tool ever created. Its purpose is to help salespeople make more sales from fewer sales leads. To do this, it will remove the “tyrannical” elements of your sales letter, the boring “here’s what you need to do” part and replace it with more direct, practical information. It will teach your sales team what sells and what doesn’t by showing them real-life examples of how successful companies make their money. Its goal is to give you better insight into what makes salespeople successful.

This is just one of the many tools available to help you improve your sales and succeed in business. They come in various shapes and sizes, for both individuals and businesses. Depending on what your sales strategy is, and the size of your business, a worksheet may be needed or a series of worksheets will work fine.

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Sales Strategies. Every business is different, and so are their sales strategies. Depending on what your salespeople need to sell, you may need a single sales strategy, or a collection of them. Tracking your salespeople’s performance against your overall business goals is important.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Workplace Relationships (HR). If your business has a large number of salespeople, it’s likely you have a large number of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These systems collect, organize, and store information about your customers and employees. This information can help you understand who your customers are, what they want, when they’re looking for your product and more. Workplaces also integrate these systems with employee-rating systems for improved morale. So, having a good CRM and an HR system is essential.

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Sales Techniques. Your sales techniques may include cold calling, prospecting, and more. Understanding your sales practices and how they impact your salespeople is important. Using a sales worksheet to track these techniques will help you monitor your progress, and identify areas for improvement. Creating a transformations worksheet will make it easier to track, compare, and evaluate your salespeople’s performance.

Training and Development. There may be instances where you need to test new sales techniques or products before they are introduced into the sales force. Sales training is often integrated with recruitment and you cannot afford to overlook this element. Using a single sheet that includes the training and development tests along with the sales figures will make it easy to track who is performing where and identify any weaknesses in the sales process. The data will also help you make quick evaluations of individual staff members. Using a single transformations worksheet will also help you set up goals and track progress towards those goals.

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Monitoring. Salespeople are critical to your success as a business owner. Understanding how they work and what skills they possess is essential to your success as well. Using a sales worksheet to monitor the performance of your salespeople will help you understand who is performing where and recommend changes if required. A well-designed sales performance management system will help you set benchmarking metrics that will help you determine whether your salespeople are meeting your expectations.

Data cleansing and validation. No-one wants to waste time entering contact information, searching for sales leads or sorting through sales reports that are old or outdated. When data is processed in an accurate and timely fashion, it can mean higher levels of productivity, better customer service, and more time spent doing what you do best – helping others succeed. By using a transformational processes worksheet, you can perform data cleansing and validation quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on building relationships with your sales team members instead of navigating your database on a daily basis.

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Data cleanup. Once your sales activities are in place, data cleanup becomes even more critical. After sales, there is typically a large amount of data leftover that isn’t being used or collected in a way that will help you achieve your goals. Using a transformational processes worksheet, you can easily identify which salespeople are free to perform their tasks and which ones are eligible for overtime. By assigning a metric to each sales job, you can ensure that the data you’re collecting is as close to 100% appropriate for your purposes as possible.

Tracking all of this information in Excel can be a daunting task. With a custom template, you can easily make worksheets that are easy for your sales team to understand and use. Using customizations and worksheets will also make tracking your metrics easier, as well as more effective. With a little knowledge and creativity, using multiple transforms for Excel can give you the productivity edge over the competition.

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