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Teaching time management and learning how to use time wisely can be difficult. I am sure there were times when you would have lost control of your classes, especially if the bell was constantly chiming. Or when the clock was way too far away from the wall. It’s hard enough teaching kids, but if you have to deal with the embarrassment of everyone knowing that you’re a mess, you can imagine how difficult it is. But here are some helpful tips on how you can create effective, useful, and fun time worksheets.

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When creating your worksheet, always use a large board or multiplex so that you have plenty of space for writing. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to write something down and then being unable to find the right spot to do it. Use large sheets of paper and cardstock, and be sure to lay everything out in front of you. It can be a great way to get into the habit of using time wisely.

Tell time worksheets to work in two ways: one, use the worksheets as prompts for your children. Each worksheet should tell a different story, and the children must respond with as many words as possible. The worksheets can also be used to give directions for the day or week ahead. And finally, you can combine the worksheets with the daily activities listed under the lesson plan.

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One great way to use tells time sheets is during dinner. At first, many of the kids will want to eat popcorn. So give out three or four cans, and encourage the children to ask questions about the things in the can (which they should be able to identify). Have them identify which one has the butter and which one has the salt. Then let the kids tell you what they man tells them about the butter and the salt. Then, have the kids tell you exactly what they ate!

Another way to use telling time worksheets is during bedtime. Children love to explore their closets, so set up the worksheet right before you put them to bed. Show them one item in the closet, and then cover it up with another piece of clothing. For instance, you can put one shirt in front of another, and then label that shirt with “I’m leaving now”. After that, cover up the “shirt” with a blanket, and then stick it back on the closet door.

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In the morning, tell your kids to remove one item from each of two lists. Do this by selecting an object from one of the lists, and asking your child to “tell you what that object is”. For instance, you might tell them, “The shoe you are holding is number one.” Then, you would ask, “What is your shoe number?” This will give kids an idea of what they should do each day.

If you don’t want to go through all of that trouble, you can just turn to paper and pencil. There are many telling time worksheets out there that make it easy for you to work through your daily schedule and tell your kids what is what. Some of these include:

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These worksheets are great for kids because they can follow along with the prompts. They won’t have to worry about anything else, and you can sit back and relax as well. You can print them off, or you can simply use them right away. Just give them one, and let them show you how they did it. You’ll be able to see the smile on your kid’s faces and hear them giggle. Once you see that they can handle this task, then you know that this system will do wonders for you.

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