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Goal Setting Worksheets can give you the confidence you need to keep you motivated. I have been a life long student of goal setting and it is something I hope to see become a standard in goal setting for life. Goal setting has become mandatory for many, but some still don’t understand the concept behind it. This article will show you a simple goal setting worksheet that I use everyday.

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What are some common goal setting acronyms? The most popular goal setting acronyms and gives you simple goal setting sheets to get you started. The SMART goal acronym stand for Specific, measurable, achievable, attainable, real-time, measurable, and time bound. This type of goal setting makes sure that all the factors involved in achieving your goal are covered. I like to use these three acronyms when writing my goal statements and sentences. It makes life easier for me and I know the general population can relate to it as well.

For example, I would create a two-page goal setting sheet that would cover general goals like getting out of debt, building up a portfolio of investments, having enough free time a day, quitting smoking, and so on. Then I would add a sub-goal to each sub-entry for specific things that I want to achieve. For example, I may want to quit smoking sub-entry with a specific time frame to achieve it. I can also write in the sub-entry “I am starting a fitness routine” if I don’t already have one.

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So here’s how I lay my goal setting sheets out. The first column should be blank. In the second column, I type in my goal. The goal could be to lose one pound per week, build five pounds within a month, or anything else that I want to accomplish. The third column shows what I need to do to reach my goal. If I’m working on getting a new set of running shoes, for example, I would put that here.

The fourth and final column should just be a list of my top priorities. It should say here that my top priority is and how I am planning to achieve it. For example, I may write in my goal to cut my weight in thirty days. That is my top priority and how I am planning to make it happen.

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Using goal setting sheets is a great way to keep track of your goals. It helps you keep on target with what you want. You can then review your goals monthly to see if you are on track and if you can take additional steps to achieve your goal. This keeps you on the right track and motivated to achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have a goal-setting worksheet where you can keep a daily record of your goals? What about a goal setting spreadsheet for your children? Whatever it is, make use of it today.

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Once you start using goal setting sheets, you will see how much they help motivate you. You will be motivated to do more than the average person does in order to reach your goal. And that’s the key – make your goal as big as possible! Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Make a goal as big as possible today.

You know how you feel when you think you’ve accomplished something. That feeling is not uncommon. People commonly experience success and happiness when they meet their goals. If you want that same level of happiness and success for your life, learn a proven technique for goal setting and you can do it today. How would you like a vacation? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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Some people wouldn’t even dream of taking a vacation. Why? Because it would seem like an unnecessary expense. But by setting up a vacation fund today, you can have that vacation and you’ll be very glad that you did.

So are you motivated? Can you make a habit out of goal setting? I know you can. It’s up to you.

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