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Linear programming is a general purpose technique that allows you to easily construct a program and solve a problem in linear steps. The main benefits of using this technique include: being relatively simple to implement, offering good compile times, and the ability to create reusable solutions. Using linear programming also reduces the need for memory or heap expansion and can be used for a wide variety of problems including greedy and dynamic scheduling. The main drawback of using linear programming is that when it is applied to real-world problems, it can be difficult to define the behavior of the system under various inputs. This is why many companies choose to employ the use of Domain Driven Software (DDS) instead of linear programming.

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Many companies make the mistake of trying to use too many functions at once. When working on larger problems, they often do this because they do not have the time to define each function separately. By combining multiple linear functions together, they can define each function separately while still solving the problem. Another common mistake is to reuse existing functions that have previously been solved by another company. This can be avoided if the software developer uses worksheets that are tightly coupled to their domain.

For example, there are programming worksheets that focus on implementing a database. These sheets would be written using an object oriented language (OOP) such as Smalltalk or Java. When the programmer implements database functions into the system they can reuse these functions throughout the application. There are even solutions that provide for a feature that allows functions defined in the worksheets to be called from within the program itself.

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Another example is that of a problem that requires an easy algorithm. Many solutions provide for this type of implementation by providing pre-built algorithms as well as generic versions for frequently accessed data structures. These algorithms can then be plugged into the worksheet and easily manipulated into a spreadsheet. It is common for several different worksheets to be generated when performing a linear program. Because the domain of the solutions is very narrow, these domain-specific worksheets can be run multiple times and examined for performance.

Domain-specific solutions are also useful when problems involve international banking. The solution might be to convert currencies from one currency to another. It might also be used to track investments that relate to foreign countries. In either case the domain will be very narrow and the solution must be very effective at fitting the problem.

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Some solutions will provide for domain-specific programming worksheets. These worksheets can then be used by programs that do not have any knowledge of programming languages. If the programmer does not know anything about these worksheets it will be difficult to construct programs from them. The programmers will have to rely on other sources for help such as books or the internet. The worksheets will still have to be used with the solution in mind to get the best results.

There are times when the programmer will create programs that are too general in nature. They will be able to solve some problems but will have difficulty with other types of issues. These issues will not be included within the domain that was narrowed down. These problems should be addressed by making a smaller program that fits the needs of the domain. Once this program is completed the programmer can move onto the bigger problems.

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All of the work that is done will be dependent upon the needs of the person that is creating the solution. If they find that the domain is too narrow, they can expand the solution to fit the needs that exist. If they find that there are too many issues to deal with they will have to create programs that deal with those issues. The most important thing is that the programs and solutions provided by the linear programming worksheets will be effective for the problem at hand. If the programmer does not have the right information, they will end up creating ineffective solutions.

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