Graphing and Data Analysis Worksheet

A graphing and data-analysis worksheet is an application used to perform the various mathematical computations that are related to graphs and data. You must first select a chart which can represent your business. Next you must enter in the information required such as the title, a headline, data, and a series of other options. When you are finished you will be able to view your results. You may even add text or data if you choose to.

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There are many uses for a graphing and data-analysis worksheet. You can use it to plot, analyze, display, and change the values entered into the application. The primary purpose of this particular worksheet is to provide a straightforward means of displaying the data and finding relevant information. This allows the user to quickly find what they are looking for.

In order to begin using a graphing and data-analysis worksheet you will need a data source. Many applications use Excel and other office based applications. These sources allow users to enter in the necessary information for the worksheet to function. Some examples of data sources include charts and graphs that are in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

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Most people agree that the data needs to be organized in a meaningful manner in order to best represent the data. Therefore, the user needs to select a format for their data analysis worksheet. A text file format may not be the best option because the data will not be as legible when in this format. A graphic format would be the best option for representing the data in an effective and easy to understand format.

One way to create a data-analysis worksheet is to copy and paste the required information into the cell or rows of the worksheet. Once this data has been entered into the data source the desired format can be created by adjusting the appearance of the data as well as the font types and color appearances within the cells. The font colors, font style, and other appearance attributes can be adjusted as needed to match the overall appearance of the chart or graph. If more than one variable is needed to display on the worksheet then a combo box can be used to display the data as a block of multiple cell boxes.

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A data-analysis worksheet can also include a plot-type option. This lets users add additional shapes and lines to the data plot to better visualize the data. Additional effects can also be added such as a histogram, bar, or table. When using the histogram option the different colors and shades can be used to better represent the data. When creating a bar or table, it is usually easiest to use a template that automatically creates the appropriate shape.

There are a number of other options that are available in a data-analysis worksheet. These include graphs with varying widths, varying legends, and even pie charts. Pie charts are similar to scatter plots, but they have a defined point of origin. These can be particularly useful for showing the results of mathematical calculations.

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In order to effectively and efficiently use a data-analysis worksheet both the student and instructor must agree on the final format. Most instructors will give preference to either the graphing, or data plot as well as the analysis. It is important for the student to understand that once the final format has been chosen there will be little change to the data that will be displayed on the worksheet. There may be a few minor tweaks that the instructor feels are necessary but nothing that will drastically alter the accuracy of the data display. It is best for the student to simply follow the instructor’s recommendations as to format the data display so that the data is readable and there is maximum appeal to the data. Once the student has a good understanding of the data analysis worksheet their learning curve should be much less difficult.

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