American Revolution Timeline Worksheet

An American Revolution timeline worksheet can be a great way to learn about this very important event in our nation’s history. In addition to learning about the causes and consequences of the American Revolution, a timeline can provide an interesting glimpse into the people and circumstances which led up to the outbreak of the revolution. If you would like to research the very events which occurred during this tumultuous period, then one of these worksheets may be able to assist you.

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The cause of the American Revolution was due in large part to the English crown, becoming increasingly tired of being called “Duchess” by King George. His reign was starting to wear on him and he was beginning to feel out of touch with his subjects. He also felt that he had too much power for the job, so he named his son King George III. When King George refused to abdicate his throne, revolution broke out and the British forces were forced to retreat back to Boston.

Some sources indicate that the spark of the revolution came from many different sources. The most widely accepted is that the colonists rebelled against King George III because they wanted a separation of their lands from England. They also rebelled against the unfair tax practices of the British crown. They were tired of being taxed to death and they felt that they were being treated unfairly. This ignited a number of issues which resulted in the American Revolution.

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When the American Revolution broke out, there were numerous pamphlets that were published in order to disseminate information to the American people. Some of these pamphlets encouraged resistance while others urged the British to surrender. There was no printed pamphlet that tried to tell the story of the American Revolution, but the pamphlets that were written and distributed helped shape the eventual history of the American Revolution. This is one way that a free American revolution timeline worksheet can be used to help teach American history. By using some of the many colorful pictures and lively writing style of the pamphlets, students are forced to put their own opinions into the story.

Another way in which the pamphlets were used was to inform the general public about what was happening during the revolution. For example, one such pamphlet informed the general public that bread and butter were being made with wheat, and not with corn. This would have certainly been news to many people in England at that time. In addition to telling the story of the American Revolution, this particular pamphlet also provided a solution to a common problem that happened at that time.

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This problem was that after each meal, American soldiers often left their filthy clothes outside in the tent corners of the campsite. It was very difficult for them to clean their clothes and so they needed a supply of clean clothes to wear on the battlefield. This is another reason why a free American Revolution timeline can be so interesting, especially for teachers.

Other pamphlets went into great detail about how General George Washington led his troops. They described how he had become very unpopular and even had to be coaxed into going into battle. There were also several accounts written about how he lost his life in the Battle of Valley Forge. In addition to this, there was also an account that detailed the capture and execution of John Paul Jones. All of these things are fascinating to those who like historical fiction, but they also teach history lessons about the American Revolution.

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An American revolution timeline worksheet can serve many purposes. Teachers can use it to help their students learn about the different reasons that the American Revolution happened. The students will learn that there were many reasons that changing the mindsets of the colonists. Students will also learn that many Americans are still alive today because of the revolution. Knowing this history can help students see the importance of preservation of the past.

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