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Looking for a few good Pdf I jog sheets? My favorite are the ones that tell you exactly why something is true. What makes sense in one situation may not in another. For example, “A man should not argue with a woman over small issues.” This is absolutely true and yet rarely if ever happens in real life, just as it does not make sense to argue with a horse over its hooves – unless the horse is going for a drink. But in Pdfs this worksheet can be modified to fit any situation.

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When I was in college I spent many a night debating whether or not George Washington could have horse-riding skills. I held fast to my belief that he must have been a well-trained horseman, because none of his other friends were known for being able to ride at all. It took several long years, but finally I was able to prove that George Washington could indeed have riding skills.

As an instructor, I use these same Idioms Worksheets to show students the fallacies that I am trying to explain. I also use them to demonstrate the correct application of a particular rule or concept. In this way it helps prepare students to engage in debates with me later on, once they have learned the examples I give. It also shows them how to properly express themselves, as well as how to use proper English grammar.

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Let’s take a closer look at an example I use frequently. “Don’t eat too much before lunch.” Here is the definition of the statement, as I use it:

A. “Excessive eating before lunch is not a good idea.”

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B. “The majority of successful business men eat a light meal before lunch every day.” Again, this is an example of a rule that could be misconstrued. There are many possible interpretations for the above example.

To resolve this example, I suggest that you think about what the word “excessive” means, and then think about all of the positive things that come from eating right. Eating right can mean reducing or eliminating your consumption of unhealthy foods. It can mean increasing your nutrient intake. It can even mean getting more sleep. These are all positive benefits that will surely outweigh any purported “negative” impact of eating the wrong kinds of foods.

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There are many other types of Idioms Worksheets on Pdf that use very similar language. The trick is to learn to use them to teach English as a second language, rather than just memorizing some vague phrases. There are even some free online resources available that provide examples of Idioms Worksheets you can use. I encourage you to explore them. They can provide you with a great jumping off point for developing your skills in English grammar.

Just be careful not to turn your Idioms Worksheet into an English Grammar Lottery. I like to use it as a springboard for developing language skills that will help you communicate effectively with others. Of course, memorizing lots of phrases won’t hurt! And it certainly won’t hurt you to use the Idioms Worksheet in creative ways. It’s only natural to want to use creative exercises to expand your vocabulary.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that learning English does not have to be a painful experience. Many people find that the process of expanding their English vocabulary is enjoyable. After all, wouldn’t you like to improve your ability to speak the language? In fact, I’d love to see you do! Why?

Because English is such a complex and fascinating language, it will not hurt to put your efforts into expanding your knowledge base. You can always use the worksheet as a jumping-off point, or to start out developing new language skills based on the Idioms Worksheet. What you do after that is up to you. Either way, you will be making yourself far more valuable to potential employers, friends, and relations, and just plain fun to be around. Who knows?

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Remember, there are countless uses for the Idioms Worksheet. Use it for your own benefit. Get creative. Explode your ideas. Whatever you do, enjoy using the worksheet!

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