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When death becomes a part of your daily routine, it is natural to find yourself searching for the proper forms of grieving that will work best with your individual personality, age, and religious or spiritual beliefs. There are many available types of grief worksheets that may be able to help you sort through and cope with your feelings of loss. These worksheets can come in the form of an ordinary paper worksheet such as a Zenon slip, a photo worksheet, or even a predictive astrology worksheet.

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The Zenon slip and photo worksheet can be used to help deal with the stages of grief associated with the loss of a loved one. It consists of a four-cell calculator where you enter in the date of birth, the gender, and the zodiac sign of the deceased. Once this information is entered on the appropriate cell, the calculator will then determine what the best time period was for the deceased pass away according to the specific parameters it has set for the number of days it takes for the orbitals to reach full phase. Enter in the name of the deceased along with their birth date to determine how many orbitals it will take for them to die in the span of a particular year.

The other type of worksheet that can be used to sort through and deal with grief is the four quantum numbers worksheet. The four quantum numbers worksheet will show you the different possible values that could be associated with the given information entered. Enter in the age, gender, and zodiac sign of the deceased into the appropriate cells and see which of the four possible values they may have had. This can be particularly useful when combined with the Zenon slip or photo worksheet to sort through the possible feelings associated with the deceased.

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Enter in the birth date of the deceased when considering their probable age at death as well as their zodiac sign if using the Zenon system. The next set of quantum numbers deals with the orbitals that were orbiting the earth at the time of death and which path they were flying at the time of death. It will also require the date and time of death and what the final stage of decay occurred. These are all important factors to consider as to what the final stage of disintegration will be and how the orbitals will change over time.

A more recent way of dealing with Grief Worksheets is through the use of quantum numbers practice. This type of worksheet was actually created as a memorial tribute to those who had passed away. Rather than having to deal with the grieving process by going through the different stages of grief and not knowing how things will eventually end up, those who have passed away use the calculator to determine what their final destination would have been. This is something that is easier for those who are not familiar with the process.

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There are two types of these worksheets that you can get from the internet. You can either purchase them from web sites or you can find programs online that will draw the numbers out for you. Obviously purchasing the actual paper that has the numbers on it is cheaper but you can save money by getting the online version that will walk you through the calculations. It can also take less time and it can be more fun to do as well. It all depends on what your preference is but each option will provide you with the same type of help that you would need.

One last way of dealing with Grief Worksheets is to simply ask those that have experienced this event to help you out. They can tell you about their personal experiences with this process and how the actual numbers came about. If they can also provide you with some of the possible values that they may have used then you are off to a great start. Just remember to look over everything you read with a fine tooth comb because different people may have different opinions and interpretations of what happened.

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Dealing with grief and losses is one of the most difficult things anyone can ever go through so don’t worry if it doesn’t come easy to you. It’s just a natural reaction after something so terrible has taken place. The best thing you can do is try to be as understanding as possible. Use any of the methods that you have learned here to help you in the process and remember never stop learning. It can never be said enough that there are people that will be able to help you when you need them most.

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