Drug Education Worksheets

Drug education worksheets are an essential tool in the fight against drugs. The fact is that most students today are not able to identify the risks associated with drug use. They do not learn about the health issues or social problems related to drug abuse. They also do not learn about how using drugs can destroy their potential for life-long success in school and society. It is important that students know and understand these facts. They must be made aware of the potential for negative effects associated with drug use before they make the decision to use them.

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Education is one of the most important tools available to us today. Without knowledge, we cannot move forward as a society. Education helps us make decisions that will benefit us in the future. However, some learners lack the capacity to acquire this knowledge for reasons such as emotional trauma resulting from abuse, poverty, or other social causes. Some students may simply be too young to understand the implications of their actions.

The emotional stress caused by abuse can prevent students from gaining the ability to think critically. They also become fearful, or depressed, rather than feeling positive about learning. This negativity can seep into their ability to maintain a healthy relationship with others in the classroom. This leads to a loss of meaningful friendships and decreasing self confidence. When students are ill equipped to deal with the realities of drugs, they are at greater risk for trying drugs.

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Through drug education, students gain the ability to make informed choices about drugs and the risks they represent. This includes both the physical and psychological dangers of drug use. These include the short term affects caused by drug use such as headaches, mood swings, and anxiety, as well as the long-term effects such as substance dependency and disease. Students learn about the nature of addiction and how to overcome it. They learn about common drug mistakes such as laying out money to buy drugs on the streets, lying about age and income levels, and skipping school to sell drugs.

Drug education helps students develop skills that lead to healthy lifestyles and successful careers. It empowers them to make informed decisions about drugs and what to do in the event of an addiction. It teaches students to understand and appreciate the different ways that drugs affect the body as well as the mind. Drug education also provides students with the social and psychological advantages of staying away from drugs and how doing so has benefits such as increased health, wealth, confidence, and happiness.

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Students learn about the difference between legal use of drugs and illegal use. Legal use is defined as using a drug prescribed by a doctor for medical purposes. Illegal use of drugs refers to use by individuals who use the drug without medical supervision. Both these types have serious consequences including criminal prosecution and incarceration. Students learn about how to distinguish between legal and illegal drug use, how to become more adept at handling various drugs, what to do in the event of an arrest for drug possession or drug trafficking, and how to avoid becoming addicted to drugs.

In high schools, students learn about the serious health risks of drug use. They are introduced to the ill effects of drug use on the body, how recreational drug use can set the stage for abuse, and the damage it does to the brain and overall health. Drug use during adolescence leads to increased chances of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, delinquency, and other serious health problems into adulthood. Drug use during pregnancy leads to birth defects and may lead to developmental delays in children.

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Students learn about the different health affects of drug use. They are introduced to facts about AIDS and how it is becoming one of the most deadly diseases of the 21st century. Drug education worksheets provide the tools for teachers to arm their students with the information they need about drug use. Drug education provides students with the ability to learn about the drug cycle, how it affects the body as well as the mind and how to overcome addiction. It also provides the information needed to prevent drug use by informing students about the health hazards of drug use and how to stop drug use.

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