Behavior Chain Analysis Worksheet

A Behavior Chain Analysis is an essential tool that many salespeople, consultants, coaches, and executives use. The Behavior Chain Analysis worksheet analyzes a person’s behavior from every possible angle in order to determine what it is that makes them tick. This worksheet breaks down a person’s behavior into their emotional responses, physiological responses, cognitive responses, and social responses. It then breaks each behavior down into its respective Chain Linkages.

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An excellent example of a Behavior Chain Analysis is the following. Jack is at the car wash, he sits in his spot in the corner and then quickly goes to the window to get some freshening up. While doing this, he passes by another employee who is washing her car in the parking lot. Jack passes by this woman, and in response to her pleas for help, he stops to talk to her, and then help her out of her car, so she can use the restroom.

Now, if you asked Jack to describe each person in this chain, he could say that “the man in the car wash,” “the girl in the office,” “the woman in the parking lot,” and so forth. However, he would fail to explain why he did what he did each time. He might also fail to give you the reason why he didn’t help the other person. In most cases, he would simply say that he didn’t notice her. And that’s where the problem originated.

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Let’s examine an alternative scenario. In this scenario Jack sees someone else doing something that is a violation of policy, such as breaking the red light. Jack begins to think about the possible consequences of each action, and decides that he will violate the policy in order to stop himself from getting in trouble. After completing his thought process, Jack cleans the car. Then he notices another person breaking a red light, and he begins to think again, and chooses to exercise his right to help that person.

In this example Jack has recognized an appropriate behavior. He has taken an appropriate action based on previous research and has identified an agent of influence. He then uses the appropriate tool to identify and undo the damaging behavior. In this case, Jack has effectively removed one undesirable behavior by using a better one.

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The problem occurs when people choose the wrong tool for the job. When they choose a tool that is not fit for the job, they are likely to continue with that choice regardless of what the results are. The same is true for the climate of judgment that is necessary for self-monitoring. If you choose to ignore or minimize the actions of an undesirable person, you are likely to do the same to a coworker or manager. You are setting yourself up for failure, regardless of whether or not the results are good.

To address this issue, many organizations have adopted a behavior chain analysis worksheet. This worksheet provides managers a list of their weaknesses and gaps in performance. These weaknesses and gaps are then listed in order of most concern or important. When a manager identifies areas of weakness, he can begin to implement strategies that will address those areas and build upon them to strengthen leadership and teamwork.

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Another good use for the behavior worksheet is to provide a framework for team members to model the desired result. If a team member knows that he is weak and does nothing about it, other team members may emulate his poor behavior. By using the chain-analysis worksheet, every member of the team will have a clear path to success by identifying their own weak areas, implementing relevant strategies, and helping each other make improvements. This increases team performance and brings about positive reinforcement between all members.

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