Coping Skills Worksheets

Coping skills worksheets are one of the best ways to help you build resilience. Resilience is the ability to handle all sorts of situations that can challenge your mental and emotional health. It involves being able to overcome overwhelming feelings and dealing with them so that you can move on with your life. This involves working through the trauma and overcoming fears and anxieties that can trigger negative emotions.

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Coping skills worksheets are a way of teaching you how to manage your feelings of anxiety and fear. The worksheets teach you how to deal with the potential outcomes of the situations you encounter. They help you think about possible outcomes in a realistic manner and so assist you to make decisions that are in your best interests. The teaching approach encourages you to think about your possible outcomes and offers you steps to help you cope with them.

One of the ways that coping skills worksheets teach you to deal with stress and anxiety is by providing you with a list of possible outcomes. They also motivate you to think about other positive coping skills that will enable you to cope better with the situations you face. For instance, if you find that you are afraid of open spaces then you are taught to develop skills such as visualisation. This means that instead of focussing on the negative aspects of the situations you have been confronted with, you use positive images that give you hope that you can overcome the anxiety and cope.

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Another effective technique used within Coping Skills Worksheets is the inclusion of a noodle. A noodle is a small piece of string that can be used to indicate possible outcomes. For example, the worksheet might start by showing you that a trip and the resulting anxiety will lead to bad eating habits. The noodle might then say that this can lead to weight gain, increased anxiety and social withdrawal. This illustrates how negative and anxious thinking can cause serious problems in the short and long term.

By listing these outcomes, the Coping Skills Worksheets motivates you to use your coping methods to overcome the problems rather than ignore them and hope they will go away. However you should not rely solely on the worksheet to provide you with these coping methods. It is important to remember that while these coping skills worksheets might be effective for teaching you how to deal with certain situations, they are only one part of a process that involves a change of attitude, positive self-talk, appropriate stress management and so forth.

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In the first column of each coping skills worksheet you are required to list the various irrational thoughts or fears you may be experiencing. You may well find that you are suffering from many different irrational beliefs, which you are unsure how to deal with. The worksheet may also address how these are affecting your mood and energy level and how they are impacting on you and those around you. This is a particularly important section as it will help you identify how you can change your behaviour and approach in order to cope with more rational thoughts.

The second column of the worksheet will instruct you on how to replace your negative beliefs with rational ones. It is important to remember that rational thoughts will not automatically make you feel better. You still need to have the will power and determination to overcome your irrational thoughts and replace them with realistic and healthy ones. However once you have replaced your irrational thoughts with realistic ones, you can then learn to deal with your stresses and concerns more effectively.

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You might then instruct yourself on various relaxation techniques including deep breathing. Deep breathing provides space and allows you to focus on something else rather than your anxiety. It also allows you to take in more oxygen and become more relaxed. This can help you cope with your day to day stresses and concerns and can potentially provide you with solutions to many of the underlying problems you are facing. In this way, coping skills training can be used as an ongoing support system to help you overcome all the problems you face.

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