Self Forgiveness Worksheet

A Self Forgiveness Worksheet is an excellent way for those who are learning to forgive themselves to learn the process much faster. Learning to forgive oneself is a great gift to oneself. Without forgiveness, the heart is left open to continue the cycle of negative self talk, which can be a catalyst for the heart of a criminal. Without forgiveness we open ourselves up to being hurt again. The purpose of a forgiveness worksheet is to help the process along and get to the point of no return.

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The purpose of a sheet that teaches you to forgive yourself, is to teach you how to go about forgiving yourself. If there is anything that we do in life that we take for granted, it will eventually be taken away from us. Once this happens, we become numb to the pain of what someone did to us.

One of the biggest causes of injury and death in this world is the abuse we receive from someone we hold dear. Many children are abused physically and emotionally at the hands of their own parents. They grow up and when they come to commit suicide, the lives they led are not included in their obituary. This is a great loss to their family and to the community.

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People go through bad things every day, even when they try to be the best person that they can possibly be. Some individuals have had horrible experiences with sexual assault, rape, abuse, etc. But, they forgive the person who did them harm so that they can move on with their lives. With forgiveness, we are forgetting about the past and focusing on the present, grateful that we are still alive.

Even when we know it is not our place to be a part of the world and its problems, we sometimes feel the need to step up and do something. When we fail to do so, we become the victim, feeling as though we were used or abused by another and not a part of it. We might even feel guilty, feeling like we let others down or did not give them enough credit for what they had done.

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One way to help release the negative energy we feel from others and ourselves is to fill in the blank on the self forgiveness worksheet with an appropriate message. It could be about a time when you felt you did not measure up to someone else’s standards, or you may have allowed yourself to become emotionally needy. You can also write about a situation when you made a mistake that hurt someone’s feelings. You do not have to explain why you made this mistake, just that you accept responsibility for your actions and the damage they caused.

When filling in the self forgiveness worksheet, you are giving others the opportunity to see some parts of you that may have been hidden. You are allowing them to see some of your vulnerabilities, giving them the chance to see what makes you feel bad about yourself and the way you interact with others. You may find that you notice your emotional behavior has changed for the better and you no longer pick fights or feel guilty. You may even notice that you have a more compassionate approach to life and are no longer quick to anger others. You can fill in these gaps with a positive statement that others can relate to and feel a connection to.

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The biggest impact of forgiveness and being self forgiveness comes to you. You gain the insight into who you really are and what kind of person you want to be. If you are looking for ways to forgive and build bridges, then the process of self-forgiveness is exactly what you need. There is no reason to keep those feelings bottled up inside. The sooner you begin to move through this healing process, the sooner you will find yourself feeling healed, empowered, and whole in more ways than one!

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