Crisis Prevention Plan Worksheet

Emergency preparedness is important when disaster strikes. This includes not only preparation for emergencies but also a comprehensive plan for crisis management. The crisis prevention plan should be drawn up as soon as possible and reviewed regularly for effectiveness. A business needs to have a plan in place to prepare for the unexpected. In this day and age, most businesses can be expected to experience a natural disaster of some kind. Therefore, a good plan is critical for survival.

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There are different types of crisis scenarios that might occur. These include an unexpected breach in a company’s computer system that causes a data file to become corrupted or inaccessible. This affects the business immediately by causing the loss of important data. Other types of crisis might be an actual physical problem such as flooding or a power outage. While these situations obviously cause more immediate problems, they can still lead to long-term liabilities if not properly handled.

When an unexpected crisis occurs, what is required is the first prevention. In other words, the prevention of loss. This does not mean that the business will be able to recover everything that has been lost. It just means that certain things will not happen. An effective plan for crisis management focuses on “what cannot be lost” and provides resources that can help in reducing those losses.

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For example, if flooding occurs in the office, a worksheet for water damage might be prepared. Depending upon the nature of the flooding and the number of employees affected, the costs might vary. An easy way to ensure that costs do not exceed estimates by using the worksheet is to create a general rule for all employees: If a certain amount is incurred, this is budgeted for future use; if a certain amount is not available, the expenses are estimated for this month only.

Another example of how a disaster plan worksheet can be used is when an unexpected disaster occurs in an outside location, such as in a wild fire or a terrorist attack. An example might be, “If the fire reaches 15 employees’ offices, the cost will be allocated to all employees’ offices.” If a company has many locations, employees’ locations may overlap. An effective plan for handling these situations begins by determining where each location is and how it will be classified. By doing this, disasters can more easily be managed. The following examples illustrate the application of the worksheet for emergencies:

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  • If one of the main entrances to the facility is blocked by debris or snow, the employees in the office closest to the door should go to the other locations. An example might be, “The three main exits to our facility should be available to all employees within fifteen meters of the main entrance.” Of course, it would be impossible to know what conditions prevail twenty-four hours in advance. However, using the worksheet can help to establish a baseline for determining which employees have the best chance of reaching safety. As employees are moved around to various locations, information can be added or deleted as needed.
  • Emergency numbers should be documented in writing and posted on emergency signs throughout the building. An example might be, “Call for assistance at 11 AM.” Employees’ location is not necessarily identified but may be a general idea such as “two elevators south of the main entrance.” Using the worksheet can make it easy to determine what each employees’ location is in real time and what action to take if it becomes necessary. Crisis situations will involve both temporary and permanent employees. A disaster may involve one person or a group of people.

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Crisis planning is much more than creating a work sheet or a spreadsheet. It takes the entire organization and decides what information needs to be collected, transmitted, and followed up on in order to make sure the best possible decisions are made in an emergency. Every piece of information must be collected, analyzed, documented, and passed along to ensure the best possible outcome. Every employee is vital to the success of any plan. Creating a good plan requires organization, communication, and empathy for the entire organization.

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