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A Personal Pronouns Worksheet can be very useful to help you express your thoughts and feelings about people. However, when they become too complicated for you to handle, you might just want to avoid using them altogether. At the very least, you can make them a part of your daily life, but there are times that using pronouns is not only helpful, but essential. If you use pronouns like “they,” “he,” “it,” “we,” “me” or “our” too frequently, you may begin to have problems with your mental health.

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Using too many personal pronouns can cause you to feel invalidated, unaccepted, and inadequate. It can also cause you to withdraw from forming relationships because you don’t understand how people see or treat you. In short, having too many pronouns can create problems in your personal and interpersonal relationships. Even if you are aware of these issues, it’s always best to keep some pronouns handy during discussions with others. Here are some tips on how you can make this easier:

  • Make sure that you keep a worksheet handy and label each one “he,” “she,” “it,” “us,” “my” or “our.” These names will help you remember that person, gender, or situation the pronoun is referring to. When learning a new concept, or if making general comments to other people, it is best to keep this worksheet in front of you. You can also put the pronoun in front of a person, so that you know at a glance who is referring to you. You can also refer to this worksheet when you need help deciding how to make a comment.

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  • Use this same worksheet when referring to yourself. When typing your own pronouns in, make sure that they are capitalized and modified. This will help you feel comfortable when typing them, and it will also help others who may not be able to read between the lines. Be careful not to overdo it with the capitalization. This can be tricky, but if you take it off, you’ll have less worries about misreading what you type.
  • Make sure that you use descriptive words when necessary. There are times when the singular pronouns (he, she, it, we) are not sufficient for describing whom you are talking to. Other times, you may describe a person by using pronouns that are more specific. Personal pronouns should also be modified when it comes to the action verbs as well.

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  • Try to think of words that describe people in your group or society as “the rest.” Most often, we refer to the entire group as a whole, even though only a portion of that group sees an event or situation as relevant. In many situations, people assume that everyone is familiar with the context of the statement, and there is no reason to make it otherwise. By modifying the pronouns when appropriate, you will make your statement more inviting and approachable.
  • Be careful when abbreviating terms. Although most people have come to regard acronyms as cute, they can also be used negatively. When shortening, acronyms can also sound very similar to proper nouns. It’s always best to stick to the definite and articles when necessary, especially when writing short letters or notes.

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When it comes to writing, most people learn better and faster by using personal pronouns. A good way to learn how to do this is to create your own personal worksheet to supplement any basic one you may have found. The personal pronouns worksheet is just one of many tools that people who are interested in learning how to speak gender-neutral language can use.

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