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Your respiratory system consists of many different parts and components and is essential in the process of breathing. It actually consists of the mouth, nose, throat, nose, eyes, bronchial passages, lungs, rib cage, and various muscles which allow normal breathing. The respiratory system also includes several organs and parts which are required for the process of breathing like the lungs, the diaphragm, the trachea, and various other muscles which allow normal breathing. The various parts include the bronchial passages which are connected to the air sacs in the lungs through the bronchioles, airways that carry air from the lungs and bronchioles, the uvula which hang down towards the neck, the lungs, which contains air and the bones which support the skeleton. This respiratory system is usually divided into 4 categories like the Cardiovascular System, Uvula, and Throat, Respiratory System and Digestive and Urinary Systems.

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The Cardiovascular System is also known as the heart of the respiratory system. It is a group of cardiovascular structures that supplies the body with the oxygenated blood and the necessary nutrients and removes carbon dioxide from the body. The Cardiovascular System includes the coronary arteries, veins that supply blood to the brain, the heart and the lungs. The heart has an average lifespan of about 200 years. Some of the important functions of the Cardiovascular System are regulation of blood pressure, pumping of oxygenated blood, regulation of blood glucose and maintenance of a healthy heart.

The Respiratory System consists of two major components namely the Respiratory Lungs and the Respiratory Valves or Airspaces. The Respiratory Lungs is consisted of the bronchi, which is found at the back of the lungs and the upper airway, the trachea which is found at the side of the chest, the diaphragm, which is a sac that can be seen in the abdomen and the sputum which are the substance that leaves the lungs after breathing air. The Respiratory Lungs is connected with the trachea and bronchi through the airways. When air enters the lungs, it passes via the bronchioles and tubes that are lined with mucus. When air is breathed in, it passes through the cilia, which are microscopic hairs that line the tubes to ensure that the air moves smoothly and reduces resistance.

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The Respiratory Valves are air-filled sack that help in keeping the lungs moist and cool. They allow the exchange of air and carbon dioxide and prevent overcrowding and stagnant air in the lungs. Carbon dioxide, essential for the body to digest and use oxygen, should be replaced constantly in order to keep the body and its cells alive. If the body is deprived of oxygen, it ceases to function properly and becomes death-proof. The Respiratory System works in tandem with the central thermostat to regulate the body temperature.

Inhalation: The movement of air into the respiratory system causes the air passages to expand and form the trachea (the tube). The trachea is connected to the nose by the bronchioles. The nose contains tiny crevasses (nozzles) which serve as humid and moist traps for the gases and liquids that enter the nose. When breathing, the tissues in the trachea expand and collapse to allow air to pass. When one breathes, the air is moved into the lungs via the bronchioles and forced through the respiratory system.

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Expiration: Expiration occurs when the lungs lose all of the oxygen that is in it. It is important for us to exhale air regularly to keep ourselves oxygenated. The lungs gradually become full of oxygen and then release it through our uvula, nasal cavity, and out of our lungs through our exhaled breath. Inhaling and exhaling cause a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide in our bodies and a rise in our temperature.

Nasal Duct: The spongy tissues in the nasal lining, or the mucous glands, serve as a filtration system for our respiratory system. When food comes into contact with the spongy tissues, the nutrients are carried to the mouth where they are metabolized (broken down) into simple sugars. When food is ingested by the body, there is a constant flow of this nutrient-filled fluid through the narrow passage of the larynx and into the respiratory system. This process, called saliva, flushes out the harmful substances from the body and provides a constant flow of oxygen-rich fluid to the lungs.

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Cricothyroid: The thyroid gland is an accessory of the respiratory system. It also works as part of the larynx pharynx’s filtration system. The thyroid gland secretes hormones that help the larynx pharynx maintain the correct balance of mucus and air. The flow of air through the larynx and trachea are regulated by the thyroid gland. When the larynx pharynx does not function properly, the larynx pharynx can become swollen and the trachea may be blocked as a result.

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