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Here’s a quick list of hundreds of ideas for hundreds of types of products, services, and opportunities. The list isn’t exhaustive but it represents the many thousands of possibilities available to someone with a goal to make money online. I have hundreds of pages of material on the subject. In addition I have written extensively about niches and affiliate marketing. I hope you find the information on these topics helpful.

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Tons of possibilities exist for the person who is willing to do some research and look around. A good place to begin is with niches. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of niches. Some of the most popular niches are:

  • Blogging and writing. Blogging can be a very lucrative activity. You can create your own blog, sell ad space, or sell services such as AdSense. Some websites and blogs charge nominal fees for advertising.

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  • Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services in exchange for a commission. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use this method to make a living.
      • Selling information. If you can write, you can easily write an eBook or book and sell it on Amazon or through your own website. Writing can also be used to earn a part-time living. Some web sites provide information to readers on a fee basis.

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  • Networking. Hundreds of thousands of people conduct business every day by networking. Hundreds of new opportunities will open up each day.

The ideas presented here are just the tip of the iceberg. You can only imagine all the possibilities. The key is to keep looking. Keep refining your thoughts. Keep practicing, especially if you are new to Internet marketing. Keep plugging away until you discover something that works.

Place Value Worksheets
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The truth is, thousands of people have found hundreds of ways to work from home online. The trick is to know where to find the ideas that actually work. The best way is to spend some time in Google or other search engine. Look for the words “paid surveys”, or “make money online”. Many people have found great opportunities through these sites.

Start by joining a few of the websites and they will give you some information to help you promote the products. Work on your blog or website and post a variety of these ideas. The more work you put into it the more results you will receive. If you post information on a daily basis, it will be easy to find in the future. When you have started receiving hundreds of prospects do the next step: sign up with the top 10 affiliate programs.

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They will be sending you products and messages to help you promote them. Use this powerful networking tool. Keep building links and generating traffic to your website. Soon you will be seeing hundreds of prospects coming to your website.

You don’t need to have a website to take advantage of the Internet. You can use a blog or personal page. A good place to start is Facebook. Just add a picture of yourself and tell your friends. It is very easy to do.

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Once you are posting regularly, you will see hundreds of people using your link. Your traffic will grow dramatically. Soon, you will have thousands of new visitors arriving at your website. You will have a handful of prospects who will be interested in your offers. The idea is to keep generating new ideas.

Soon, you will have so many ideas that you will not know which ones to pass up. The key is to keep working on your marketing consistently. You may want to join some of the forums on the Internet. You will be able to interact with other network marketers and get their ideas for promoting their businesses. As you continue to work your way through hundreds of prospects, you will see your income rise quickly.

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