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Unit 2 Worksheet 8, Factoring Polynomials, and various other factors have shaped the investment strategies in India and around the world for quite some time. Many companies are still using this method to generate investment yield. Even at the earlier stages of investment these factored and factored options provided a lot of benefits. When looking at the current scenario and the scenario after retirement, the returns have diminished. This has been the result of falling commodity prices, which has affected the global economy.

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The investment yield from a portfolio of a company has decreased due to decreasing portfolio value. A company may invest money in many assets but if it cannot secure returns on its investments, then it will be of no use. The return on investment (ROI) from the portfolio would go down if investment yields are low. It is natural that investors become skeptical when there are no return on their money and this skepticism can affect investment decision making.

The portfolio risk of an investment is dependent on the investment yield. The investment portfolio is primarily affected by economic factors like the economy of any country, interest rates, and inflation. It also depends on market factors such as volatility. Unit values of Companies are based on economic factors like the price of products and their relative supply and demand. When a Company is listed in the market and is not making profits, it will definitely lose its ranking.

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The stock market also affects returns in the portfolio of an organization. The stock prices are dependent on the demand and supply of shares. Other factors like portfolio management, exchange rates, economy of a country, and other external factors have direct effects on market prices of the Company’s shares.

Unit two worksheet provides analytical support in financial analysis. There are several reasons why companies resort to factoring. One reason is because they are short of capital. Short-term investors will not purchase shares of the Company, unless there are positive news or developments regarding the business operations or new product lines. Therefore the Company has to look for opportunities to raise funds.

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Most of the time investors also like higher return than the cost of capital. So they prefer to invest in Companies that offer higher returns than the risk. This increases the risk tolerance of the investors and therefore they prefer it when there is a possibility to earn returns faster than the cost of capital. Unit two worksheet helps in the identification and evaluation of investment opportunities that can be converted into higher returns with reduced risk.

Unit two worksheet is divided into several sub-worksheets that allow the evaluation of different factors affecting investment return. Some of these factors are realized gains, dividends, price-earnings ratio, price earnings per share (PEPS), return on equity, cost of capital, and effective tax rate. All the factors can be easily evaluated based on the current market conditions. The key performance indicators (KPI) help in determining whether the investment strategy is working effectively to increase investment yield.

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Unit two worksheet can be used to determine the profitability of the investment portfolio based on present market conditions. The data can be used for forecasting purposes as well to decide whether the investment plan should be continued. The information contained in this financial tool can help in making better decisions about future investment strategies. Unit two is an important financial analysis tool for all types of businesses.

Unit two worksheet helps in decision making particularly in a volatile market condition. It evaluates investment strategies including buy and hold, the price to earnings (PE) ratio, price to sales (PS) ratio, cost of capital, and effective tax rate. Other important indicators for the purpose of Unit two includes balance sheet ratios, net income (BE), free cash flow, profit margin, total debt, total assets, and other financial ratios.

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The concept of Unit two worksheet is relatively new and helps in the decision making of both large and small businesses. This financial tool enables investors to determine which investment opportunities concentrate on. It helps in developing a sound business plan that will guide future investors. Two categories under which the data are classified are Sales and Purchasing.

The Unit two worksheets is designed to be easily understood by beginners and advance investors. It provides a wide range of useful functions such as sales and purchase order generation, inventory, cost of goods sold, cost of good sold, breakdown of customer accounts, balance sheet analysis, equity metrics, equity and fixed income instruments, and many more. In short, it provides an ideal solution to many complex tasks that invariably confront small and mid-sized businesses.

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