13th Documentary Worksheet

The thirteen-Documentary Worksheet is a collection of thirteen short films. These films were selected from a pool of over one hundred films submitted by film directors and producers. It was then given an official screening at the Venice Film Festival. A short synopsis of the film follows. Enjoy!

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DOCUMENTARY WEEKS. The title says it all. It centers on a group of people who attend a spa whose main concern is to relax their clients by giving them a spa treatment at an exclusive resort. As such the client base is quite small, which requires the staff to serve the guests in such a way that they feel relaxed. The thirteen episodes run between two and three months.

This could be a perfect example for an online video blog of the life at a luxury spa. However, it is more than just a series of random videos. Each one is an individual vignette that gives an insight into the spa’s personality. In addition, there are behind the scenes clips of the spa technicians and their daily routines. There are also interviews with customers who have used the spa and their experiences.

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THIRTEEN DIGESTIVE. The thirteen-documentary films tell the story of those who chose to go under the knife. We see them preparing for surgery and after surgery. We hear about how the procedure goes and after care. There are interviews with doctors and other medical professionals who know to give their views. The only thing missing here is a behind the scenes report.

There is also a short by the name of the “13th Documentary” where thirteen filmmakers gathered around a green screen to create the movie. This film tells the story of a woman who before she undergoes a hysterectomy decides to have a mini-refreshment to soothe herself. This is followed by a visit to the therapist who has created an exercise to help the woman.

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The climax of the movie comes when the woman comes back home and tells her story to the other people gathered. All are impressed by her courage. The doctor who performed the procedure on her then gives a speech about it to impress the other people. Then we cut to the actual surgery, where she is given anesthesia and we see the results. It is then time for the follow up where the surgeon tells about the success of the procedure.

The movie ends with a message of hope. Going under the knife does not mean a death sentence. Many people have gone before you and are still alive today. You can live your life as well.

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Overall, this is a great film that does what it says on the tin. It will inform and educate you about the subject matter while making you think. I was very entertained and I recommend this to anyone looking for a good film to watch. I would highly suggest watching it.

The movie The 13th Pain in 13 Steps is directed by Morgan Freeman. It stars Robert Duvall, Patricia Clarkson, Ed Harris, Michael Chiklis, Mark Linn-Baker, John Turturro, and John Bon Jovi. It’s definitely a must see documentary. Although many people may be put off by the subject matter it does offer some very interesting information about alternative medicine and it’s effectiveness.

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This film has received a lot of attention since it’s release. But how did it fare at the box office? Did it perform better than many other movies on DVD that are considered mainstream? Surprisingly it did and it was one of the better documentaries I’ve seen all year. It’s definitely worth the money and I recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting medical film.

I must say that I wasn’t completely caught up on this film when it came out. It wasn’t until several months later that I began to really pay closer attention to it. When I did I began to realize that there were a lot of hidden meanings and messages within the film. The symbolism and all the images and clips really speak to me as a person and I can’t help but draw from that. It makes me more open to other forms of alternative medicine as well.

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Overall The 13th Documentary is a great documentary and it will provide many people with new information about alternative medicine and spirituality. If you haven’t seen it you really should check it out. Trust me; you won’t regret it. It might even change your life! Trust me, I know!

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