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If you want to do better on your SAT or ACT math exam, then the Khan Academy is a great resource to use. This site offers all of the resources that can help students prepare for any type of standardized test. From test-preparation material, practice tests and resources that will help students build a strong foundation in key areas, the school offers exactly what every student needs to raise their score. There are also classes offered for those who have never studied math and want to learn how to prepare for the test in an easier way.

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Students can find a worksheet for nearly any topic through the Khan Academy. They can also find a free online practice test and a DVD that will walk them through an entire chapter from an SAT or ACT exam. The following article will review some of the topics covered in the Khan Academy’s literature-how-to part 1 (video).

The first video focuses on the topics and strategies used by Dr. Nicholasrals, the professor of education at the academy. Dr. Nicholasrals explains how he prepared for the SAT and ACT reading sections. He utilizes a multiple regression study, which is a statistical method that helps him predict the statistical probability that a student will perform a certain act. By using this technique, Dr. Nicholasrals is able to give specific directions for improving a student’s chances of performing well on a reading test.

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The second video focuses on diagnostic level 3. This is the last diagnostic level before the students take the final diagnostic test. Students need to pass the diagnostic level 3 before they can move on to the 6th grade reading portion. The academy provides practice tests that can help students prepare for these tests.

An instructor walks the students through a five-step process and explains how to write an essay, a research paper, a review, and an answer. The 4th-grade reading section includes several different essay topics, so the instructor emphasizes that students read the same passage multiple times, and that they must be able to understand the meaning of the passage on a par with what a world-class educator would do. He also emphasizes the importance of writing an essay from the perspective of the student.

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The third video explains how the writer “frames” the information in order to advance the discussion beyond a two-page report or even a newspaper article. It starts with an explanation of how the writer “frames” information. Then, the video goes on to describe four ways to improve a writer’s information-frame techniques. One of the four ways is through an instructional reading program. There are several ways to enhance a writer’s information-frame abilities, so the academy provides an explanation of each and a sample of that particular skill.

The fourth video shows you how to make use of the study guide provided by the academy, and it uses three worksheets for practice. After reviewing the fourth worksheet, students are shown how to complete the worksheets on their own. You then see a review of the worksheets, and the instructor shows you how to read the worksheets and then discusses reading comprehension questions on a work sheet based on those worksheets. This worksheet review shows students the steps required to prepare for a test. After the review, students are shown several practice tests, and the instructor gives a detailed explanation of each test. He then shows students how to read the test, complete it, and provide their answers.

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After the fourth lesson, students are presented with a work sheet for each passage they need to review. Students need to read the passages and then answer the questions they are given. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and there are printable worksheets provided for each passage. These four lessons present the material in the most complete manner and reinforce reading skills in an interesting way.

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