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Motion Graphs Worksheet is an easy-to-use graphical representation of a data set that includes one or more times or frequency-frequency plots. The main advantage is that it can be used for any scientific purpose; hence, it has become a popular tool in many areas of science, especially in physics and engineering. It provides the essential tools for visualizing and graphing functions and relationships. It also allows one to define and measure values in a uniform manner irrespective of their shape and location on the real or virtual surface.

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A motion graph shows time-frequency curves as well as displacement measurements over a range of motion. The time interval over which the curve or the displacement occurred is denoted by the variable x. The plotted lines on the graph are called the plotted functions, and they may either be curved (curved-line) or flat (uniform curve). The value of a plotted function at any point on the plotted surface can be plotted against the time interval. When the data plotted in a graph are plotted against time, the data representation is known as a tensile graph.

Motion Graphs Worksheet usually contains two data sets, those representing the time interval and velocity. Time interval data set contains one or more time interval value(s) and is plotted as a function of time. On the other hand, the velocity value is plotted as a function of acceleration. The two plots should be connected to each other by a line. Motion Graphs Worksheet can also plot area patterns over a given range of motion.

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This example shows how Motion Graphs Worksheet can be used to plot the displacement. First, set up a frame on which you want to draw the displacement plot. Pick a point on your surface at which you want your function to start and end. Then, select a suitable point on your map where you want your displacement function to be plotted.

Here, the second function ‘startpoint’ and ‘endpoint’ are both set at the same point on your map. Next, select the desired points on your map where you want to start your function and end point. Use the point-selection tool to set point labels for easy reference. Now, select the range spanning from start point to end point. Finally, set your graph (b) to show point coordinates.

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Here, the third function ‘direction’ and ‘velocity’ are both set at the same point on your map. Set start and end point labels for easy reference. Draw a line connecting start point with an end point. Set your graph (b) to show positive acceleration.

Here, the fourth function ‘time’ and ‘speed’ are both set at the same point on your map. Set start point as your starting point and end point as your end point for easy reference. Draw two horizontal lines starting from the start point moving eastwards along your plotted region. Set your time graph (a) to show the average velocity.

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Now, plot your function as your function of time. Then, plot your function of acceleration. Lastly, set your graph to show acceleration versus time. Here, you can see that the instantaneous velocity is given by the slope of the displacement-time graph.

Plot the displacement function on your graph (a) starting from point A and moving eastwards. Set your starting point as your origin and eastward direction (labeled ‘A’.) Set your end point as your desired destination. The value of the function of instantaneous velocity will be negative when starting from point B and positive when ending at point C. This should give you an idea of how quickly the fluid moves. Set your graph (b) to show the same results but this time using data points labeled as (I), (j), (k), (l). This will give you more precise results.

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The last step is to plot the functions of slopes and their intercepts on your nonzero time graphs. The intercept functions are those where the tangent line crosses the plotted curve. You should use data points (I), (j), (k), (l) that lie on the curve that intersects the plotted curve.

The plots of the function slopes and their intercepts will give you another way of viewing the relationships between the initial condition and the end point. By plotting the function slopes against the intercept lines, you will see that acceleration is constant for every time range. To plot the functions of slopes against the instantaneous velocity, set up your spreadsheet so that you can just paste in the data points that will form the intercept lines of the corresponding instantaneous velocity functions. Then, make your graph.

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The motion graphs shown above can be printed out. You should open your spreadsheet for printing the motion graphs. Find the default printer option, and then in the properties section, change the printing option to include text. Use the default font size and font color to show the function plots clearly. Click “Print Results” to print out your final motion graphs. You can now plot the functions of slopes against the different time ranges and compare the results to get a visual comparison between the initial value of the displacement and the end point.

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