Cells and Organelles Worksheet

The cells and organelles worksheet is used in molecular biology laboratories to help facilitate accurate cell counting. Counting the cells or organelles helps determine the number of chromosomes and can determine the number of nuclei that are present.

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Cell counts are an important part of the research. Not only do they reveal the number of cells present, but they also provide a way to compare two experiments. Most often, cells and organelles are using to investigate the mechanism by which different cells respond to environmental challenges.

Many different groups of cells count and other types of cells and organelles. Some groups include cells such as red blood cells, lung cells, platelets, white blood cells, and even cancer cells. Other groups include cellular components such as extracellular matrix, myofibrils, myelin, microtubules, and other components that are present within cells.

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The myeloid cells include those that help promote bone repair. The platelets help in the process of bleeding. Microtubules are the polymers that make up the mechanical networks within cells. And, the myelin sheath helps to protect the axons that are present in the brains of human beings.

Each cell counts differently as compared to individual cells. Cell counts of stem cells, both embryonic and adult stem cells, are much easier to obtain because of their ability to divide rapidly. As they divide, the cells divide again into new, separate cells.

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Cells and organelles counts vary about the number of chromosomes. For instance, certain cells and organelles are referred to as pluripotent. These include certain basic cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells from early embryos. On the other hand, embryonic cells can be considered pluripotent cells.

Cells and organelles count also differ in the number of nuclei. Different cells and organelles have different numbers of nuclei and, thus, offer more precise measurements. The number of nuclei in a cell is, therefore, more specific than the number of chromosomes.

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Workbook that contains these cells and organelles is an important part of any research. It helps researchers determine which cells and organelles can be counted and what the numbers are. Workbooks should be designed by competent and experienced researchers, or else the results will not be accurate.

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