Financial Literacy Worksheets for Kids

If you want to make your financial literacy worksheet more effective, you can also add a few financial literacy worksheets for kids. The worksheets for kids are meant to make the kids feel good about their finances and motivate them in taking better decisions. Here are some basic worksheets for kids:

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Check Your Monthly Statement: Make a monthly statement for each of your household. The statement includes expenses incurred, income earned, the amount due to credit cards and all the debts. If you want to motivate the kids to check their statements, then you can add a picture of the statement for the kids. It will make the kids happy to see the statement and it is also helpful for parents who do not have time to look over the statement.

Bank Statement: Write down all the expenses incurred and income earned in your bank account. Include expenses for electricity, food, entertainment, maintenance, telephone bills, tax payment, and any other monthly expenses. If you want the kids to take this financial statement seriously, then you can include their name in the bank statement.

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Pay the Debts: If your kids cannot pay their bills on time, then you can write them down and add them to their list. You can also include a photo. This worksheet can be printed and given to the kids so that they can see the payments made from their earnings. This worksheet can also be used as a reminder for the parents so that they can remind the kids about making their payments.

Check for a Credit Card: You can also add a picture and write down their names in the card. In addition, you can also write the card number of the card holder in the card if you wish. This worksheet can be taken to the bank to get the information of the card holder.

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Budget: For kids who want to be budgeted, they can use the worksheet to make a budget. The worksheet can be made by the kids themselves. They can also add their money to the budget and give the budget to their parents. Parents can take the budget with them when they go out shopping for their kids.

Save Money: If you want to motivate the kids to save more, you can use the budget worksheet. To create a financial budget. The budget should contain all the expenses of the family. And the total amount that they spend. The parents should be able to know how much money they can spend every month.

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Create an Online Savings Account: You can add financial literacy worksheets for kids to a savings account or they can be saved in the child’s school books. Once the children learn to save money, they can set a saving limit for themselves. They can also add the amount in the bank and add their funds to this account.

Check Their Credit Report: Before the children are 18 years old, they should request for a credit report from all three reporting companies. They should then request for a copy of this report from their parents.

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Get a copy of their Credit Report: You can also add a worksheet to your credit report so that you can monitor your children’s credit reports. The worksheets should contain their name and address in the entry fields so that you will be able to keep an eye on their credit status.

Know Where they Live: You can also ask the bank for some important information about the kids’ life. If you have enough information about the children, you will be able to know the places where they live. You can also ask for their birth date so that you will know how long they have lived in your house before.

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Do not be afraid to ask for help in teaching these financial literacy worksheets to your children. There are many resources available online, and there are also many schools and programs that will teach these worksheets to your children.

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