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Why would you need a plotting points worksheet? Let’s say that I am working on a story and I need to take my plot structure and turn it into a screenplay. I can brainstorm all day long and come up with dozens of possible plots but once I get them down on paper, I sometimes have trouble remembering them when I sit down to write. I can also not remember what the main characters are supposed to be like, or what the setting is supposed to be like. These are problems that are easily solved with a plotting points worksheet.

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A plotting points worksheet is a document that helps me organize my notes. When I make a new plot, I just check to see what I already have down on paper and then add to it or erase from it as I need to. These sheets also allow me to make notes about my plots so that I can reference them later on in my writing.

I use these tools all the time. I make a new plot on my computer and use a Point System to note important plot points. For instance, when I make a new novel I create a new document and label each plot cell. Each day I go through and add or delete plot points that I feel are important. It has really helped me to organize my thoughts and to be able to find the plot I am thinking about the most quickly. I have written a few books since I first started using them and found them to be an invaluable tool.

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Plotting points are only part of a writing method called outlining. I also outline the various characters, settings, and events that I am using in my plot. This allows me to not only use plotting points when I need them but to also make sure that I am planning the events in the best way possible. I will give myself time to brainstorm and to write down ideas before I decide to use them.

Plotting points is a very effective way to brainstorm. You will be able to find many examples online that will help you with this process. You may even find that this is the part of your writing process that gets you to stop and think about the story in general. It is easy to lose focus and to become distracted. When you are creating a plot, you should do it as if you were thinking about your character’s reactions and the emotional response you are giving them. This will help you figure out how you will present your story to others.

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If you find that you are getting distracted and are unable to think of a plan, then you may want to print out several copies of a plotting points worksheet. Then you can read through them as you are working on a story. This will allow you to stop and think about the details that are necessary to support your plot. Sometimes you may need to re-read your notes several times before you get it right. In fact, that is one of the benefits to using a worksheet. You are forcing yourself to pay attention.

After you have your plotting points worksheet printed, you can use it in the same way you would any other form of brainstorming. You can write down ideas on the blank spaces and then bring together those plot elements that make sense. Use your imagination when it comes to laying out your plot. Write down everything from the beginning until the end. You never know how interesting your story will be until you start to write it down.

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Once you have your plotting points ready, you will probably want to use a planner or a notepad to keep everything else straight. That way, you won’t miss anything that you plan to include in your story. However, don’t be too rigid in keeping your story straight. Once in a while, it is okay to pull your readers in with some hints and clues. Just remember that the key is to keep your plot as clear as possible.

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