DNA Fingerprinting Worksheet

In the past, before DNA fingerprinting was widely used for all types of criminal investigations, an experienced investigator and forensic expert would write down all the possible clues that could be found at the scene of the crime. This included sex, age, race, nationality, clothing and any other clues that the victim could have given out.

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If you were to try and match those features against the respective fingerprints you would find many discrepancies. These were called ‘signatures’. Of course, these were only ways of identifying the person from the other person and not tools in any type of identification.

Nowadays, with more sophisticated software and a vast database of people who have committed crimes, the odds of finding a person’s fingerprints are better than ever. All you have to do is upload your sample into the database. Once the DNA sample has been uploaded, it will then begin to search for matching fingerprints on either side of the offender or suspect.

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The DNA signature will look up the unique name and other information about the offender and compare it to the samples on file. You will find a list of people who matched the offender’s DNA signature. You can then begin to compare this list to try and decide on whether or not you suspect your ex-boyfriend of cheating.

Unfortunately, most of us have not had the benefit of the right tools and software when it comes to solving cases like this. This is where DNA Fingerprinting Worksheets come in.

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These worksheets were developed by the police to help them rapidly develop cases. They take your DNA samples and will search the database and compare this with the samples on file.

Today there are very popular free sites that will let you try a free trial of the Fast DNA Fingerprinting Worksheets and get your results back within a few minutes. It will be best to use this test for people you know and trust to make sure that they are clean.

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