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Context Clues worksheets for learning Spanish can be found online at Context Clues Learning. These worksheets cover various topics from reading and spelling to the sounds of the Spanish language. These visual memory enrichment activities can be used by kindergarten children, middle school students, high school students, and college students. This is an excellent way to enhance the skills that are learned in the classroom.

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The main feature of these flash cards is the ability to associate a specific word or phrase with its associated image. Context clues are specially designed to work in conjunction with the flash cards that feature words or phrases and then an image. By using the two together, children are taught to associate one word with the image that goes with it, and to remember it. In order to make learning visually stimulating, the color of the box that is shown in conjunction with the word or phrase will also have some impact on the visual memory.

For instance, if you use the word green with the flash card that is associated with the word blue, your child will remember green if he or she sees that particular flash card. In this way, the colors of the word, images, and their combination creates a link between the item, its sound, and its color. Context clues usually include words, images, and combinations thereof. There are also different sizes for the visual cues which are geared towards different age groups.

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The words on these Flash cards are divided into two sections. On one side of the card is the main idea or topic that your child is learning. Then there is an image or a pattern that relates to what is being learned. This helps your child’s brain to focus on the main idea, so that it does not get distracted by other words or images. It also forces your child to pay attention to the part that contains the main idea so that he or she does not miss out on anything.

Some context clues include clip art or photos. You can make your own with photo images or you can buy them from a website. Others come in the form of stickers, tattoos, or computer icons. If you have a calendar, your child can use the date or the number to know what day it is. The trick is to make sure that your child can understand the meaning of the cues even before he or she attempts to recite the cue word or phrase.

Context Clues Worksheet
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Another way to help your child develop good visual memory skills is to encourage him or her to read aloud. Reading aloud helps the visual memory association between the written text and the sound of the spoken word. Encourage your child to read aloud. Do not just let him or her listen to the book. Make him or her read along as well, under your supervision.

Another important thing is repetition. You should make sure that your child sees the picture repeated over again. If you have a picture with a story inside, explain the story while pointing to the picture. This is very important for developing the visual memory.

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Make sure your child has plenty of stimulation. This can include using flashcards to write down the different words or pictures and listening to them repeated by your child. You can also help your child to remember the words by using them in sentences. This will help develop the memory.

It is advisable to not over-teach. Allow your child to brush up on the vocabulary and the pronunciation. The same goes for learning new grammar rules. Your child does not need to know every single word in the English language; just learn a few everyday words. Over-learning will make your child bored and may hinder his or her progress toward fluency.

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It is a great idea to teach your child sentence structure before attempting to teach him or her vocabulary words. Your child must know the basic meanings of all the words he or she is going to teach you. This will help your child to remember the exact words he or she is going to say. This can be done through lessons with an English teacher.

There are many other ways you can help your child develop visual memory skills. They are fun and can be quite effective, too. Make sure your child sees you using the proper terms in conversations. Allow him or her to repeat after you. Have your child help you learn the words. This will help your child to associate the verbal cue with the appropriate visual memory image.

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