Chapter 11 Section 1 World War 1 Begins Worksheet Answers

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The First World War started on August 4, 1914 and ended in a draw. Some of the countries involved are France, Britain, Italy, Russia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is how the war started. The war ended with a United States declaration of war against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

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Some different World War one worksheets include the following: War – What’s the First Battle You’ve heard about? Battle of the Somme – Who fought? Battle of Ypres – Who fought? Battle of the Atlantic – Who fought?

The war started when a group of French soldiers decided to take part in the war in order to fight for freedom and democracy. They wanted to be part of something larger than themselves, they felt they needed to go to war. They did not know that their participation in this war would change the course of the war.

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The different worksheets give an overview of the situation, who was involved in the war and why it happened. There are also some lessons that can be learned from this. Learning this history can help us all understand what happened. It can help us learn to have hope for the future even if things seem difficult.

The worksheets also teach us a little about different kinds of warfare. For instance, the war was not a one sided conflict. There were people of all backgrounds, races, and beliefs fighting to protect their lives.

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Each group had its own reasons for fighting but each group had different sides. This was not like other wars where there was only one side. In this case each group had the best interests of each person in mind. This was what made this different from other wars.

It also was not the same type of war in every country. Some places had battles and conflicts, where the troops went on and off the battle field for several weeks at a time while others stayed on the battlefield to fight. They even went out of their way to get to go there and back again to get supplies and food and to keep fighting.

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Learning the different chapters in the worksheet will help you understand the causes and situations in which this type of war was fought. It can give you the knowledge to help you understand why people do certain things, especially when there are situations that you would want to avoid.

The different chapters in the worksheet will also help you understand why we became so involved in this war. Many people became involved because they believed that they needed to join in and fight. Others joined because they felt like this was the only way to fight. We also learned about how they went into this war in order to protect our freedoms, to save their freedom and to make our country a better place.

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When you learn the different chapters, you learn many different types of individuals and groups that were involved in this war. You can learn about different people and their struggles, what they did to fight, how they fought and what happened in each struggle. By learning the different kinds of information you can learn about how to deal with those struggles and how to overcome them in your life.

Knowing about the different chapters can help you learn about World War I and World War II. You can learn about how to fight and why those wars affected us. And where in our nation we stand today after those wars.

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It can also give you an understanding of what you can expect as we go into a war today. It can give you an understanding of what is going on now in our country and how we should react to current events. It can show you what our leaders need to do to get us through all kinds of circumstances that we may face.

Knowing about these lessons can help you see our nation in a new light. It helps you see where we are now and where we need to go from here. As you become more interested in studying the information that is contained in the worksheets, you will find that there are many more lessons to be learned.

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