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Writing dialogue worksheets can help you organize your paper and get ideas flowing. Writing dialogue is a creative process where you use the words, tone, pitch, enunciation, speech pattern, and inflection of words to tell a story, promote a point of view, or express an idea. You should use dialogue as a way to let your readers feel that you are talking to them in person, as if they are a real person. In a class I teach, I will give students one page of dialogue and then I will introduce another page with a question and dialogue. This makes the first draft of your paper more personal and gives you something to work on your next few papers.

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Students can create their own dialogue worksheets by using words that they find particularly expressive, but there is no limit to how many dialogue types you can create. To make your worksheets more effective, it is best to keep sentences and dialogue short, simple, and to the point. Try to use basic English. It is not necessary to write in the classical mode; although it would be nice to see your work written in this style. It will only make your paper look more professional and more academic.

To create a good writing dialogue worksheet, you must begin by writing a brief summary of what you want to say. This is an important first step because if you do not know what you want to say in the introduction section, chances are you will not use the correct words when developing your main thesis statement or argument. Use the outline method to get a rough draft. Then you can rewrite it as you go along. It usually takes me about five hours to complete my writing worksheets.

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The main idea of a writing dialogue worksheet is to show the development of a main argument. For example, if your research shows that dogs have lower incidence of cancer, you should develop your argument by using the word cancer repeatedly. Write new words to replace it with each occurrence of cancer. In the introduction section, you should use the word canine four times and tumor four times. Keep adding the word each time. After completing the introduction section, you should include the word cancer one more time in the conclusion of your argument.

Your second step should be the development of dialogue. I usually use dialogue as an illustration for how I develop my points of contention or ideas in my papers. Writing dialogue is easy; all I really need to do is think of the words to use and the way I would say them. Using dialogue does take practice, but I can assure you it is well worth the effort.

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The fourth step is the development of a question and answer segment. Develop your discussion by listing the questions you want your reader to answer. In your example above, you would first ask, “What was the cause of death of the dog?” followed by, “Why did the tumor not spread to the other dogs?” Following the discussion of the dogs, you would end with, “So, why did the tumor continue to grow?”

The fifth step is the development of a dialogue following the question and answer segment. This is the longest part of the essay. In this section, use the new vocabulary you have developed. You might use the word cancer five times in the paragraph, while using the word dog only three times. Since we used the word tumor five times in our example, this would translate into 5 separate sentences containing five words.

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Following these five dialogues, you will develop paragraphs containing six words. These sentences would contain the topics we discussed in our lesson on writing dialogues: the cause of death, why the tumor grew, the death toll the dogs took, why the cancer spread, and why the dogs survived. After finishing this step, you will compile your final essay, which you will need for your final writing project in English class. Remember to use the correct punctuation, sentence form, and sentence tense.

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