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Students need to know the branches of government, so they can answer a multiple-choice question about each branch. The easiest way to do this is with a poster board. Place a large poster in the classroom, label it, and partition it into three parts. Label the left side of the poster, know the right side, and the unknown side. Ask your students to name the three branches of government from the poster that they see.

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Write down the facts that your students give you on the poster. Then, read the definition of each branch on the government worksheet. Students should have no problem answering the question, “What are the branches of government?” As long as they understand the meaning of each word.

A few words about each branch are necessary. The executive branch is headed by the President of the United States and consists of the Cabinet members. The judicial branch is headed by a Supreme Court Justice and consists of Justices of the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, and the U.S. Office of the Attorney General. The legislative branch is composed of both houses of Congress, the Senate and House of Representatives, and consists of Representatives and Senator. The medical and legal branches are also very important because they govern a huge number of people. Let’s look at them in order.

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The executive worksheet includes standards associated with this content. The standards associated with this content to describe the responsibilities and abilities of an executive. There is a standard for all senior-level employees, except for those managers who are part of a management team. These employees must know the federal law, the policies, standards, and procedures that apply to the operations of their agency.

Every agency has employees in the following branches: Public Health Services, Public Administration, Education, Labor, and Employment, Consumer Protection, Wildlife and Natural Resources, Environment Protection, Health, Transportation, Internal Revenue Services, and a couple more. These are just the branches of government that are part of the federal government. There are also a couple of other branches that are important to know about as well. One is the office of the Secretary of State, the U.S. Comptroller General, the General Services Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office, the Labor Relations Service, and the Internal Revenue Code. This worksheet is not limited to government agencies; it also covers independent organizations and private businesses.

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The branches of government that employees can be divided into three categories: executive, administrative, and legislative. Each category has different job titles, and there are specific titles for key positions. For example, the labor secretary would have a job title of labor secretary. Other key positions are Assistant Secretary for Management, Assistant Secretary for Policy, and Chief Procurement Officers. Each of these three positions would have their own individual functions. All of these work titles would require some form of certification.

There are many positions in government, and each bureau or department performs a different function. For example, there are procurement officers in the General Services Administration; auditing officers in the Internal Revenue Service;, and public policy officers in the Department of Health and Human Services. Each agency has special roles and responsibilities that are related to their position in government. These employees may have specialized training in a particular area of government. For example, procurement officers are required to be trained in order to deal with contracts and purchasing, while auditing officers need to be trained to check the financial records of a company in order to ensure they are not breaking any rules.

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Knowing these three branches of government and their specific duties is important for employees who want to pursue work in a certain area. If you have employees applying for government work and all of them list all of the specific duties they are required to perform, it is much easier to find the most qualified applicant. The Branches of Government worksheet will help you keep up with the changes within government. It may also allow you to determine if certain employees are qualified to apply for government work. In many cases, when you use the Branches of Government worksheet as a tool, it can speed up the government hiring process considerably.

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